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3 Fall candles you need…now!

3 Fall candles you need…now!

Whilst in Target this weekend, I could be found moving rather slooowly, as a taller-than-me pile of decorative pillows threatened to topple-tumble from my cart and take out a small child (Chip and Joanna and Studio McGee - it’s *mostly* all your fault. ; )

At one point, I took a break from decision overwhelm and noticed a young woman approaching the seasonal candle section.

You could just see her begin to relax as she lifted each fragrance to her nose. Her eyes went to half-closed. A slow smile swept across her face.

There’s something about fall/winter candles - richer than at any other time of year - that takes us back to cheering, heart-sustaining memories, ya know? 

(Even if your childhood was a little unusual, like mine  - there were likely some happy moments in the last months of the year that became your mental ‘anchors' amidst future storms...and scent will take you right back to those like a swift hug!)

Our RBTL® fall/winter candle collection makes a lovely treat for yourself, and a spectacular gift - from the best-smelling forest everrrr (‘1905’) to comforting, spicy sweetness (‘chai so fly’), to my super-fave - an elegant combo of cardamom tea and pomegranate in ‘on holiday.’ 

Each of our fragrances are 100% vegan, clean-burning and poured with great care in our Plano studio. #hearthandswithlighters

Drop into our Plano store at Legacy West, or shop with us online - we can’t wait to help you prep for some blissful downtime, as well as celebrations that become happy traditions evermore.

Sending you all the autumnal goodness, and hope to see you in the store (or online) soon!



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