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Hey, boo…I love It.

Hey, boo…I love It.

Honestly, I can be terrible at remembering to stop and smell the ahhh...pumpkins, as the case may be, when steamy summer temps surrender to blissful autumn!
Some of our team's favorite ideas for celebrating fall and Halloween:
Project a movie in the backyard
Three cheers for dining al fresco (and al blanketo)!
Britt, our Creative Manager’s fave flicks this time of year:
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Walt Disney’s ’Silly Symphonies - The Skeleton Dance'
  • Beetlejuice


Host an easy breezy pumpkin carving contest 
To keep things relaxed and creative, pick a light-hearted theme, like ‘Silliest Pumpkin.’
Brady, our Buyer, used celery stalks for hair in his collegiate art dept.’s ‘Silliest Pumpkin’ win, and I love that!
Buy only the sweets you love to give to trick-or-treaters
This ensures the leftovers are all your favorites, and makes the week after Halloween one of my (stretchy pants) faves! ; )
Heartily cheer from your doorstep for the best costumes
Let out seismic hoots and hollers for those dressed to impress and terrify! Your enthusiasm will be particularly appreciated by parents (often watching from the sidewalk) who stayed up alllll night to make their kid’s outfit #1.
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
(thanks, John Lee Hooker for the unforgettable tune!)
This is THE time of year to create new cocktails in celebrating cold fronts, fireplaces and warm friendships.
Check out what’s new and awesome for adding seasonal spice to all you do, Friends. Each is available in our Plano store and online shop!


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