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so cute it's scary

so cute it's scary

When I was about seven, my family went all out for a Halloween party, turning our modest home into a legit haunted house. 

I remember vividly my role as a mummy, wrapped in seemingly endless strips of ‘bloody’ cotton. 

Tucked inside a casket that would open with a loud creak, I would pop up and scream at the top of my lungs!

My goal: receiving a scream right back! ; ) 

Following that party, I believe my interest in ‘scary Halloween’ activities waned - I had literally ‘been there and done that.’ 

Ever since, only lighthearted Halloween decor and parties really appeal to me. 

Call it ‘spooky-light.’ 

And that’s just what you’ll find in our Plano store: truly happy Halloween goodies - nothing morbid or ‘eewww.' Only ‘good goblins,’ you might say. : )

Things to make you laugh, provide whimsical decor for your home and fun gifting for friends in October!

New + awesome Halloween selections just arrived, and a sampling is below.

Grab yours in our Plano store and online shop! Orders $99+ always ship free. 

Here’s to a ‘maximum cutie and less spooky’ Halloween (and every day, really)! 

Enjoy the weather, your family and friends, and celebrating it all!



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