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So much love for teachers!

So much love for teachers!

A great teacher can make all the difference - my most impactful was Mrs. St. Laurent, in 5th grade. I was in a new school and state, and my folks were in the midst of a divorce. 
Mrs. St. Laurent saw me and scooped me up - both emotionally and educationally. 
She spent time talking with me, poured positive thoughts into me, was a great role model of female fearlessness in her work, and plugged me into a class for super nerds like myself, where I finally felt at home. (Voracious young readers of the dictionary and encyclopedias, unite! : )
Superb teachers often step in at critical times to encourage and p-u-s-h us to greater things than we’ve imagined via their support, high standards and consistency in our lives. It’s something we can’t take for granted. 
And their jobs have honestly never been more difficult regarding student testing requirements, navigating kids’ common addictions to technology, and pay that just doesn’t cut the mustard in rewarding one of the most important jobs on earth! Teachers are leaving the profession in droves, and that’s a heart-breaker.
If it weren’t for Mrs. St. Laurent, I really don’t know where I’d be today. So the new ‘teacher appreciation’ section of our store has a big place in my heart. It’s filled with yummy, well-made and fun teacher prezzies and thank you cards for kicking off a new school year right! 
We’re blessed in that customers come to see us for teacher gifts and cards this time of year, and we love wrapping them up for you and making them extra special! : ) 


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