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Take it easy, babe.

Take it easy, babe.

‘Self-improvement’ is a hulking section in bookstores, for sure - it also can be an emotionally weighty, exasperating kinda THING that can make our brains soooo...tired.

I had a conversation at the gym this morning with a college senior named Hunter that transformed my idea of self-improvement in a meaningful, positive way - so I thought I’d share it, in the hopes it helps you, too. : )

Hunter worked so hard in the weight room this morning, yet didn’t take a single selfie. I introduced myself and asked her if she was an athlete. 

Turns out, she will graduate from college next year and become a professional LPGA player. Whoa! So impressive!

I asked her what she loves about golf (I am always curious as to what folks adore about the MAIN THING THEY DO - what feature escapes burnout every time)…and her answer was, “There’s always something you can work on, and get better at.”

Her demeanor was one of confident humility and curiosity about her work.

Soon after our convo, my brain went bingo-BOINGO - I realized her approach is the sanity point available to all of us working to improve our lives in some way.

My takeaway:

Self-improvement doesn’t need to be a constant, straining type of striving - it can be, instead, a quiet focus you have. 

I.e., Take something small - just one positive thing you can do! - and work on making that happen regularly in your life.

Doing seemingly 'so little' can bring you LOADS of self-esteem and peace. You aren’t ‘trying to run a triathlon by next year’ - you are just ‘working on your swimming.’ See (and feel in your soul) the difference?

One small thing is so doable and infinitely happier than a pressure-filled overhaul.

And one little success is contagious, y’all. 

Try making that doctor’s appt. you’ve been putting off - and keeping that appointment, because #selfcare :) 

Or apologizing to someone for the way something came out of your mouth less gently than you intended. 

Maybe trade your whine-with-wine sesh with a friend for an inspiring class, concert or lecture on a topic you both love!

Build whatever memories you like - and they will build upon themselves toward a happier, more fulfilled YOU.

Xoxo, and cheers to small construction efforts! 


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