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to love and cherish

to love and cherish

Did you know? 

In 2022, October was THE most popular month in the United States in which to marry. 

I was surprised to learn this, yet it makes perfect sense when you think about it. 

Autumn weddings are innately romantic, with gorgeous leaves annnnd perfect temps for holding hands and living perspiration-free in formal clothes! 

On that note, I recently scrolled through a wedding photographer’s Instagram feed, and watched their how-to video for capturing stills shots with autumn leaves falling gently on a betrothed couple. 

It included some great BTS of photo assistants on either side of the bride and groom (out of frame) throwing leaves into the air right before the shot. :)

The video was entertaining to watch, and the resulting photos were both fantastic and incredibly natural-looking!

Last year, the largest number of U.S. weddings were held between September and November - a big switch from the traditional May - June time frame, for sure!

While some things have changed (wedding season) and wedding photography becomes more gorgeous-adventurous every year, one thing remains the same: finding 'just-right' wedding gifts can be a bit of a challenge.

(Particularly if you’re like me, and sometimes skip the registry in favor of scouting something unexpected-awesome.)

The challenge of creative nuptial gift-giving is only heightened when you only know one member of the couple, and/or their tastes are very different from your own.

Never fear, however - our amazing team of gift-giving and wrapping specialists is here. for. all. of. it. 

We ADORE helping you get to the church on time with the perfect gift in hand. : ) 

Peruse some of our favorite wedding goodies, below - each is available in our Plano store at Legacy West and in our online shop. 

Cheers to the starry-eyed couples you’ll be loving on at weddings and anniversary parties this autumn!

We do love love!


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