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Tee Up The Good Stuff

Tee Up The Good Stuff

We’re here to make getting dressed more fun, and time with your tots even sweeter. Incredibly soft toddler tees from Read Between The Lines and new books for children have landed!

Each goodie (and many more) are available in our online shop and Plano store, and are perfect for gifting. 

Happy shopping!


This Is Fun 

toddler tee by RBTL®

Life is glorious, even in the middle of a terribly-timed trantrum...; )
Cheers (in that half-full sippy cup) to looking on the bright side in our This Is Fun tee!

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Love, People. 

toddler tee by RBTL®

Little ones often do the best job of reminding us what's important in life - and how to behave! ; ) 

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Pardon My Fits 

toddler tee by RBTL®

Our founder, Melinda, remembers her mother's sage advice of 'most problems are born of fatigue.'
Cheers to forgiving others (big and little people, alike) their failings and tantrums - and to taking more naps!

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Texas, Amigos. 

toddler tee by RBTL®

Did you know? 'Friendship' is the official motto of the state of Texas!

As we welcome more out-of-state transplants than ever, it's a fun time to put out an extra welcome mat in the form of a tee.

Texas, Amigos is also a great reminder to keep the state friendly, and is available in both toddler and adult unisex sizes. : )

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PB&J Buddies 

by tinytus

PB&J duos come with two sandwich slices each: one with peanut butter; one with jelly. You'll find a snap on one hand of each sandwich slice, allowing the two to hold hands. 🤎

In addition to being a wonderful children's gift, PB&J Buddies are fun for grownups! Give one to your BFF, and keep the other for yourself. : )

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Lil' Loteria 

by lil' libros

Lil' Loteria is a fun twist on a traditional classic that turns the game of bingo into a bilingual learning game!
Kids learn memory and matching skills plus vocabulary words in English and Spanish.

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Amor De Colores 

by melanie romero

Introduce your little ones to the colorful ways we see love around us in both English and Spanish with Amor De Colores. Children will adore this heartwarming read that teaches them the colors of the rainbow, and more.

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The Shape of Home 

by rashin kheiriyeh

It's Rashin's first day of school in America! Everything is a different shape than what she's used to: from the foods on her breakfast plate to the letters in books.

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Fun At The Fair  

by ingela p. arrhenius

Little hands will thrill at flipping through the uniquely shaped, die-cut pages that overlap to reveal carousels, trains, rollercoasters and all the other fun-tastic sights and sounds of a bustling fairground.

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I Love The World 

by tania mccartney 

I Love the World
 is an illustrated romp around the planet, celebrating the people, cultural delights, natural and man-made wonders and breathtaking flora and fauna occupying our land, sea and sky.

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Most Marshmallows 

by rowboat watkins

Most marshmallows read a book before bed, and fall asleep to dream ordinary marshmallow dreams.

Author Rowboat Watkins knows, however, that - just like you - some marshmallows have big dreams…and can do anything they set their minds to!

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