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an intentional, unforgettable summer-Read Between The Lines®

An Intentional, Unforgettable Summer

I peered out on my garden, each of us struggling to accommodate the newly-arrived Texas heat...and a question popped into my thoughts, soft, yet clear:

What will this this summer mean to me in retrospect? 

It was quickly trailed by: 

What do I want to have learned by September 21st? 

With whom will I have spent time, and loved on?

And then...

What room am I leaving for the unexpected? What time? What space in my heart?

I’m only a dozen or so pages into this book, and it’s already impacting thoughts I have in the quiet.

Now, I hear ya - being ‘intentional’ in 2021 is almost as exhausting an idea as ‘unprecedented’ experiences were in 2020.

However, we’re going to be through this summer in under 100 days, and “it sure was hot” just isn’t gonna cut it for a summation of this time we’ll never get back, never have served up this way again. : )


The people in our life will shift, and the ‘a-ha!’ moments of revelation coming our way are ours to seize in every area of life. 

It’s worth considering where we'll make allowances in advance for what’s coming this summer, so we can fully embrace it and capitalize on it!

What commitments and habits can we cut (or trim back significantly) beginning this week so we have hours to spare on new hobbies, opportunities and people coming our way?

Some goods you might find helpful on your own path to a summer to remember:

Becoming a More Comfortable Chef, Host or Dinner Guest

Leaving the House / Building Your Mind + Memories

A Sweeter Sanctuary

Fall is just a few months away - let’s explore new things now to ensure we'll can celebrate a summer well-lived! : )



Melinda Jones

Founder + Creative Director

Read Between The Lines®

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