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Celebrating Grads!🎓

Celebrating Grads!🎓

Three cheers for graduation season!

Folks of all ages begin new adventures this time of year, adorned in cap + gown (and often nerves aplenty)!

Whether they'll next begin a career (or start a new one!), pursue an advanced degree, or take a break from studies to travel, there's much accomplishment to celebrate right here and now.

We're here to help you ride that wave and ensure you have just the right cards and gifts for every graduate on your list!

Visit our online shop or Plano, Texas store at @legacywestplano - either way, we'll wrap it all up for you with love!



start with a card that encourages 

celebrate + salute with gifts they'll love

Choose Joy Book by Sophie Cliff

Dolla Bills N' Chills Candle by RBTL®

Champagne Flute by Appertivo

Travel Journal by Duncan & Stone Paper Co.

Bottle Opener by RBT

She Busy Mug by RBTL®


You Will Find Your People Book by Lane Moore

Red + Black Sprit Bottled Matches by RBTL®

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