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for all the dads you love-Read Between The Lines®

For All The Dads You Love

Daddy's day is on its way. If you're like me, and your papa has passed away, or isn’t a part of your life in the way you wish they were, this holiday can be a little hard on the heart.⁠

A great counselor once told me that God will never, EVER leave you without what you need, if you'll keep your eyes and heart open to what He's sending.

And that advice has been right. I'm blessed with a GREAT step-dad, who looks after me as if I were his own. And a super cool brother who is an inspiring step-dad to his kiddos. And two superb, hilarious and wise uncles!

There are lots of intentional, hard-working papa dudes to celebrate this coming Father's Day, and that's gonna be my focus. Making the most of the awesome we have. So many heroes. 💙

On the hunt for great cards and gifts for highly high-fiveable papas? Shop our Father's Day Collection - it's full of super cool books, scrumptious snacks, rad journals and cards that'll make him laugh or happy sigh - your pick. ☺️


Melinda Jones
Founder + Creative Director
Read Between The Lines®

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