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For People Who Are PREZZIES 🎁🤗

For People Who Are PREZZIES 🎁🤗

Meet our new best-selling (and totally glitterific) card, Gift of a Human. : )

I wrote this expression thinking about the folks in my life who are ‘walking gifts’ - just coffee or a phone call with them can lift and recenter my spirit.

Their friendship reminds me what’s good when I’m having a hard time counting my blessings, and seamlessly pushes me back into positive, motivated, loved territory. 

When things are going great and the wins are sweet, these humans remind me to celebrate, and even make the dinner reservations! They’ll also send a great doctor recommendation or link to the perfect sweatpants in 1.5 seconds.

Gift of a Human makes a perfect thank you or friendship card, and has also been popular for birthdays since it landed on our shelves.

Every time I see someone in our store pick this card up or bring it to the register, my heart soars with the thought of someone awesome being encouraged and SEEN. : )

‘GOAH’ is now available in our Plano store at Legacy West, our online shop (click link to shop!) and to our awesome retailers. 




Gift of a Human Card by RBTL®

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