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Engagements are ev-er-y-where 💎

Engagements are ev-er-y-where 💎

The latest lovey-dovey stats are in (thanks Zola and friends!) - December regained its pre-Covid position as numero UNO month of the year for engagements.

So, see us over here - little nuptial fairies that we are - bringing you cards + gifts for celebrating your newly engaged friends and fam? Let the wings flutter, let the wrapping begin! ; )

Following are some of our fave goodies to 'shower' upon those recently struck by Cupid's most serious arrows!

Each is available in our Plano, Texas store (hi, @legacywestplano!) and online shop!


You're Shining Card by RBTL®

Engagement Journal

Apertivo Triangular Champagne Flute

Team Bride Card

Pear Cut Gem Print by RBTL®

Square Trentino Pewter Frame

Cheers To The Couple Card by RBTL®

Tall Hammered Glass Decanter

Connect Game

Engaged? That Rocks. Card by RBTL®

Bright Gold Cluster Serving Bowls

At Hello Candle by RBTL®

Lovebirds Card by RBTL®

The Bartender's Manifesto

Brown Crete Agate Coaster & Tray Set

You Guys Cards by RBTL®

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Easy Fancy Food Cookbook

The Life You Grow Together Card

Pewter Bud Vase

Champagne Saber

I Love Your Hair Will You Marry Me Print by RBTL®


On A Personal Note

I had some funny 'out-takes' from writing this email, likely the result of having been raised on Dr.  Seuss (rhyme master) and my penchant for gentle mischief (family trait).

Ditched email subject lines (the first one we almoooost used!):

  • With this ring, I thee DREAD. 💍🏴‍☠️
  • Is it really worth it?
  • I mean, he's nice, but...
  • It's all fun and games until he picks a ring without your input
  • Sure, you can change him. About 0.00019%.
  • Only spend money on things you can sell if it doesn't work out
  • Bling-blong! Your love is dead after one visit to the caterer. 

Hears to all that's great about love (including the good stories that come from surviving planning - and pulling off - a wedding)!

Sometimes our shared hilarious stories are the glue that keeps us together when being together is pulling us apart.

Love's highs are the highest, and this year, as always, we love to help you celebrate those cool cats with the newly engaged glow!

Let us know how we can be of help : )


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