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If you’ve ever had the realization that where you are (emotionally, personally, or professionally), is not what you once envisioned, you may decide you need to know more in order to go further. N-o-w. 

Such an epiphany might be kicked off by meeting someone who truly inspires you. Or a big birthday in which you're found sitting in your office...rather than perched in an over-the-water thatched hut in Bora Bora, experiencing the freaking rainbow of your life.

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Maybe you went down a rabbit hole on Instagram, and found folks doing more with less than you have in brains, skills and talents. Or a broken relationship has kicked your butt emotionally for one day too many. And you've just had it with taking it.

So we buy a book that’s a hybrid of self-help and beach read. We google ‘whatshouldIdowithmylife’, and have fun perusing the results. We ask Siri, or her frenemy, Alexis.

We seek a fortune-teller on a whim, a therapist by recommendation or a good personal trainer at the gym and spend some cashola on rethinking our thinking.

We drink one less glass of wine at dinner with friends, and watch more closely what’s going on around us. We spend more time with family. We look at beach destinations on Pinterest and play around with flight reservations online.

We plug in; we unplug; we repeat. We shake the jar of our lives as hard as we can without bruising our brains.

After all, we still believe in miracles, such as those found in Exhibits A-C: 

  • A. Beyonce and JayZ found and inspire one another, remain married despite Lemonade, and recently announced twins are on the way. Okaaay.

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  • B. The invention of truly smoothing, body-enhancing pantyhose (aka: Spanx®) made highly determined inventor/founder Sarah Blakely a billionaire, and the youngest self-made woman ever on the Forbes list of billionaires. That's right. Kick-a. And yes to arms in the aaaiiir, Sarah!


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  • C. Jessica Antelby’s reposts of hilarious memes on Instagram as @beigecardigan has 2.9 million followers. Laughter pays big.

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To get where we wanna go, we need tools to go farther than we have before, and to leave the past where it belongs.

Following are two of my fave and most recent sources of inspiration and life-change. 

I've experienced and committed to memory favorite words of their wisdom. I've over-shared at Book Club with my girlfriends. My closet, bathroom and book shelves have been transformed. I've given away at least half of what I owned in those areas, with no regrets.

I can't get enough of these amazing authors, and, although I still have a looong way to go in implementing everything I've learned, I seek to share these gems with you, and for you to join me on this adventure, should you wish to do so. 

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These books speak plainly and insightfully, often with humor and right. to. your. heart. They got me off my scared little arse and gave me skills to MOVE again when I was stuck, and to do so with courage, confidence and love to give.

Have a sample and see for yourself. : ) Because no matter where we are on the scale of accomplishment - from 'I can't leave my bed' to 'I just got another screenplay made into a movie' - we all have stuff we need to tackle, right? 

On Summoning Your Best Self and Asking Her to Stay


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Book: YOU ARE A BADASS, by Jan Sincero

Trust me – if this title speaks to you, even a little bit, just buy it. I listen to YAAB for a few minutes, almost daily, on I don't care if that makes me a freak. Doing so is helping me clearing out my mental list of 'I cant's' and giving me tools and thoughts I need to better "can."

Sincero is totally passionate, totally honest about her life and yours, and, bonus - totally hilarious.

I prefer listening to this book over reading it, as hearing the author's voice is soothing when I’m stressed and need a mental reset, and really helpful for cementing the info into my soul.

Listening via audible's iPhone app also helps me make good use of otherwise boring moments (driving, putting on makeup in the morning, long walks for cardio and when I have trouble sl-e-e-p-i-n-g). 

On Getting Organized Without Becoming Grumpy or Crazy-Pants


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Book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo

Her advice is revolutionary and freeing, and totally do-able - even for creatives who tend to fight rules. Kondo keeps it simple and real and has changed my life by helping me keep only the things that bring joy. I have gotten rid of so much unneeded stuff, and credit her 100% with my ability to continue to do so. Her readers have donated bags (and bags!) of not-quite-right-for-me stuff to good causes all over the world.

Bonus: the narrator for this book on has the most soothing voice everrr. It's perfect for a book that makes you do some hard things. Also good to listen to when you can't sleep. Just set the timer feature on for 15-30 minutes of play, and night-night.


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Just remember - if you are breathing, your dreams and best days await, and are yours for the taking. 

Thanks for reading, and please leave your comments below! I'd love to hear from you!


- Melinda

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