May Your Pain Be Surface and Your Joy Be Deep.

I was working on a note to a friend recently, and the above wish for her formed in my head. And then I thought, 'That’s what I honestly wish for everyone I love.’
That their pain be short-lived, non-scarring, lifted by the love around them. That joy be worked into their every cell.

This morning, when looking at the expression anew, it hit me that really, the difference between feeling pain as temporary and joy as permanent largely lies in what we give our energy to - the emotional halls in which we let our brains ruminate and dance around. 

This isn’t to say that real grief isn’t real, or shouldn’t be fully experienced. it’s just that we can’t STAY there. My dad used to say, ‘Adversity is a great teacher, but you’ve got to get on top of it.’ When he died, I carried that advice around with me like one would a rosary in a room full of demons. It helped me persevere. It was like he was saying, “Get back up, girl."

We have to consciously shift our focus to what’s right and good in our lives, and think on those things m-o-r-e. If you want joy, you gotta spend time there - in your body, and in your mind. and you may have to force yourself for a bit.

When you’re in pain, be sure you’re spending time around people of resilience, generosity and thoughtfulness. They’re often the perfect example to help you shift out of agony and fear, and into your next joy.

We all want to look back on our lives one day with happiness in reflection. So much of that will depend upon what we thought about while we lived it. 💛


- melinda

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