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the need for a nook.-Read Between The Lines®

the need for a nook.

I think the thing about Sunday’s (and maybe, yeah, everyday) is slowing down - even full stop - to appreciate what we have.

For me this morning, it’s a kitchen nook. And vegetables. I love giving them little dishes to live in and feel special. I believe my sweet friend Claudia taught me to do this - to put things you admire in a dish.

God made these potatoes, onion and avocado - they deserve a nook party, complete with orchid saved from a salad as decor, and a pewter bull I found at an antique shop (#taurus) to standby, stand watch for party crashers. 😉

Although this photo of the young woman has lived in many areas of my home over the years, here, she’s definitely yelling ‘come and get it’! Which is kinda funny for a human like me that doesn’t often cook.

She inspires me to throw a pot on the stove, and not to judge myself too harshly for the outcome. She’s all about getting started, can’t you tell?

Have a really blessed, nook and veggies, hollering for what calls you kind of day.


Melinda Jones
Founder + Creative Director
Read Between The Lines®

Sourcing: cream-colored eggcrate dish by Anthropologie; white scoop bowl by Crate & Barrel; vintage pitcher from Benny Jack's Antiques; garlic keeper by Le Creuset; vintage photo of young woman from Anthony Marcus Black's collection.

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