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New Year New Yum

New Year New Yum

Consider showering yourself with love and warm attention, beginning with the best day of the year for new starts: January 1!

Self-care is no joke. Ignore your body's need for care or your mind's desire for solace, and poof - you may find yourself in a state where Things. Seem. To. Be. Falling. Apart.

Most noticeably...YOU. : )

Forget the wild fitness goals and traveling the world for (just) a moment - maybe jump in, instead, with some very doable, nurturing moves toward your 'best life ever.'

One new healthy habit (just one!) done often will make a real difference in where you are, body and spirit, this time next year. You. Are. So. Worth. That. Focus. Friend!

As Gary Vee Says, "Stop acting like you live twice." (A gem shared by the awesome @sallymcmullin - check out her Instagram!)


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On A Personal Note

Two little steps I've taken this year: lighting a candle when I read my daily devotional, and going easy on myself as to the time of day in which I do it. 

Although there likely aren't 'bonus points from God' for a morning-time (vs. end of day or read-at-stoplights) devotional, I've found spending time with Him in the A.M. - even for just a few minutes - is like putting on armor for your day.

Odd analogy warning here:
It's a bit like deodorant and sunscreen - apply early, apply generously, for best effect!

My current devotional was a gift from a family member, and the book is gently rocking my world each time I open it.

It's called Oceans of Grace and is by Brady and Pam Boyd. (Note: This is not an ad, and we don't [yet!] sell the devotional at RBTL - I just want to share with you what's making a difference for me, in the hopes it might help another person, too, with this daily thing called 'living.'

I've found staying close to God helps me not mess things up toooo badly and enjoy this life a LOT more.

Cheers to a new year filled with promises kept - particularly the ones you make to your (sweet) self!



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