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Oh, Mama - You Difference Maker!🍾

Oh, Mama - You Difference Maker!🍾

Loving mothers make a HUGE difference on the planet.

Whether a mom, steep-mom, grandmother, mother-in-law or like-a-mom, these exceptional ladies plant goodness, wisdom, strength, inspiration and confidence we lean on for the long-haul.

Our newest Read Between The Lines® card speaks to how moms of all kinds can be powerful, motivating examples of how to live and win and lose…and come out better than ok. : )

It’s a big honor My Mama My Mentor has been popular for this upcoming Mother’s Day, as well as birthdays and thank you’s of all kinds!

I hope you’ll pick one up and send it to a powerful mom-figure in your life.

My Mama My Mentor is available now in our Plano store, online shop and to our amazing retailers!



My Mama My Mentor
Card by RBTL®

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