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On Moms

On Moms

Mamas move mountains.

I'm always blown away by the positive, caring impact of excellent mothering.

Ever heard the expression, "iron fist in a velvet glove"? That's a mom - ready to nurture, teach, challenge, love and defend, all at a moment's notice.

Be they your own mother, a super step-mama, extended family, like-a-moms or inspirational friends, exposure to a great mother-figure is a blessing and influence we never outgrow - and find ourselves appreciating more each year for having experienced it.

We hope you find inspo for surprising and loving on the mothers you adore in the curated cards + gifts below!

Each is available in our Plano, Texas store at Legacy West, where we'll wrap it all up with love.

Cheers to all the mamas doin' it right, and the joy they bring!

ALL Mother's Day Cards

ALL Mother's Day Gifts


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