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15 sweet spots to sip and dine in SoVi-Read Between The Lines®

15 Sweet Spots To Sip And Dine In SoVi

A summary of coffee, sweet treats and restaurants to frequent in South Victory Park (aka: SoVi). We hope it helps you explore and better enjoy the district, and discover new favorites!
In 2015, we opened the first Read Between The Lines® store and studio in Victory Park. That year, it was just our shop, Cafe Victoria, VOD, Classic Pilates and Simply Elegant holding up the front end of Victory Park Lane. Each of us were female entrepreneurs, very much pioneering in the district and encouraging one another about promised redevelopment in our area.

I was thrilled to see the neighborhood progress markedly in 2018 with new dining, entertainment and shopping options, the opening of upscale apartments and residential towers, investment in public art, as well as beautification improvements and way finding signage throughout the district. Recent additions include a huge and lovely Tom Thumb grocery store at The Union, on Field Street.

More retail, restaurant and service openings are on the way this summer. Hooray!

Following is a summary of coffee, sweet treats and restaurants you don't want to miss in South Victory (aka: SoVi). I hope it helps you explore and better enjoy the district, and discover new favorites!

- Melinda

2422 Victory Park Lane
I rely on their ginger shots whenever I feel a cold coming on, and Buda’s fresh-squeezed orange juice is seriously delicious. You’ll find numerous juice combos in your choice of two bottle sizes, free samples to try first, and friendly folks to help you find the right juices for your palate or cleanse. It’s all bottled and in coolers (no fresh smoothies or pressed-on-site juices, here), and yet the quality is very good. 

2422 Victory Park Lane, Ste. 100

Owned by Argentinian Luciana Gomez, this aqua blue coffee shop is recognized by Dallas coffee aficionados for fine coffee and finesse in preparation - and by bloggers for being such a pretty, friendly space! I love how Luciana sources pastries from some of the best specialty bakers in Dallas - from cake balls to French macarons, amazing quiches, bagels, muffins, gluten-free bars and portable little packs of fruits, nuts and sweet treats. Cafe Victoria is particularly accommodating to coffee lovers with special dietary needs, stocking milk and cream as well as coconut, soy, almond and oat milk. We're in love with their charming outdoor seating!

2401 Victory Park Lane, Ste. 170

Say hello to the biggest assortment of fresh and favorite candy-by-the-pound, as well as specialty boxes of retro sweet treats from your youth and collaboration items from entertainment and novelty brands you’ll recognize. It’s a fun place to stop in after dinner for a treat or gift for a sweet-toothed friend. You’ll also find an assortment of Henry’s Ice Cream - a local ice cream company and Dallas favorite - by the scoop. This spot is very popular with children, especially following a movie at Cinépolis, or visit to the Perot Museum down the street.

2420 Victory Park Lane

High-quality, handcrafted gelato featuring real fruit and natural ingredients, served on a stick. Multiple dip and topping options allow you to customize your frozen treat. Great stop always, and particularly when it’s hot!

2401 Victory Park Lane, Ste. 160

Brand new to the neighborhood, this bakery’s first brick-and-mortar features lots of love in handcrafted carbohydrates - from freshly-made crepes to rice krispie treats so good you’ll cry. Offerings include coffee and adult beverage bar. Enjoy a highly-instagrammable neon wall installation, lots of seating and a warm atmosphere while you contemplate rejoining the world outside. P.S. Owner, Elizabeth, is a joy!

2386 Victory Park Lane

Superb Southern-inspired, locally-sourced and refined American cuisine in an atmosphere that ensures even on a first date, you’ll have plenty to talk about. The decor is top-notch (herringbone wood floors, gorgeous lighting, modern floral design, locally-tooled leather booths) with just the right amount of cheeky spirit, and the bar is light-filled and gorgeous. There’s a high-ceilinged main room filled with windows sure to be open when the weather’s lovely, and a darker, private-feeling dining room in the back, well-suited to special date nights and business deal-making. BCC instantly became a neighborhood favorite upon opening, and remains a sought-after dinner reservation by the entire City.

2300 Victory Park Lane

One of the sweet perks of living in a metropolitan area is the availability of good diner food (including breakfast), 24 hours a day. At Buzzbrews, there’s a full menu of fun options (go with the Californication if you’re wanting healthy), at least 10 flavors of coffee on tap and friendly service.

2440 Victory Park Lane

Ground floor restaurant in the W Hotel. The space was originally a Craft restaurant by star chef Tom Collichio, and you’ll see the gorgeous lighting install, fancy bar and expensive wall treatments that attest to that heritage. It’s been freshened up and made more casual with its current life as Cook Hall. Bistro-type food is on hand, and there’s a weekend (Sat/Sun) buffet brunch ‘till noon-ish. 

2401 Victory Park Lane

You think it’s going to be a rowdy sports bar with a menu to match, and then your world is rocked by the phenomenal grilled salmon. Or the juicy, I can’t-wait-to-have-this-again airline chicken. Dibs features locally-sourced produce and meats, beautifully-prepared dinner options, warm service, plenty of screens and a DJ at night on the 2nd story, don’t-miss patio overlooking Victory Park.

3090 Olive Street

This is 24,000 square feet of thoughtfully-designed restaurant + bar awesomeness, located right next to the entrance to the American Airlines Center. HERO features intimate indoor tables as well as huge booths that will fit your entire posse. You’ll find multiple bars throughout (including a rad circular sunken one in the main room), a movie theatre-size TV screen broadcasting sporting events, huge sliding doors that open out onto the plaza, two patios for people-watching on the plaza and arcade games from your youth tucked into niches. Upstairs is a 70’s-inspired, handsome private bar and room for entertaining overlooking the restaurant, below. HERO is by the gifted restauranteur Elias Pope, of Dallas-based HG Sply restaurant fame. 

2400 Victory Park Lane 

High quality pan-Asian fare and fine sushi by renown Dallas chef, Kent Rathbun (of Abacus and Shinsei fame). It’s a perfect place to meet friends for drinks, and features a beautifully-designed, sexy-ish bar. I love that you can comfortably zip in for dinner dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, or decked out and straight from the opera. Bonus: they’re also open for lunch, and that menu features bento boxes, sushi bar items and more.

625 High Market Street, Ste. 185

The ramen craze executed in a fun, modern atmosphere with a charming, light-strung, patio featuring huge decorative fire pit. Great spot, especially when the weather’s nice. 

2304 Victory Park Lane

Moroccan-Mediterranean food, decor and music to put you in the mood for travel. Owner, Sam, always provides a warm greeting. Don’t miss the Mixed Platter appetizer made for sharing, the, Med-Rim Salad, Oregano-Fennel Sausage Pizza, Beef Tagine and the mint tea.  Medina features a lovely outdoor patio overlooking the park. 

2375 Victory Park Lane, Ste. 180

I literally prayed this restaurant - my Mexican-food favorite in Dallas - would come to our burgeoning neighborhood. When I learned the deal was signed, and it would become Mesero’s flagship location, I was DANCING. Known for fresh (read: non-greasy) Mexican cuisine, imaginative dishes and phenomenal, consistent service in a warm-modern atmosphere, this Mesero at Victory Park has been hopping from the get-go, and deservedly so. The complimentary chips and three styles of salsa/dips are addicting, the pollo y tomatillo soup will heal most anything that ails you and the brisket tacos are the best in town. When the weather’s nice and you have a small-ish party, ask for a 2-top table by the (open) windows in the bar, or outside on their new patio space! 

2340 Victory Park Lane

True Italian-style, thin crust pizza and an assortment of pastas and salads to please all. Full and cheerful bar. Patio that overlooks the district and park. 


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