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In the age of CV-19, social gatherings are (definitely) more petite in scale, and often with participants at a six-foot distance. We’re all learning how to do this well and with a good sense of fun, as humans are made for good company and friendship.

I’ll readily admit I’m one of the first persons to grab a bottle of wine as a host gift when en route to a dinner or party. And, although I know a gift of any kind is appreciated, isn’t it a little disheartening when you see your bottle land on a table amidst a sea of other guests’ wine bottle gifts?  “Bye, little guy,” I want to say as I walk into the festivities. “I hope they know you were from me.”

You might think someone who owns a greeting card and gifting company would take a more ‘interesting’ gift to a party than a bottle of wine. For sure. 

But I’ve gotta tell you - a small business owner often feels like the parent of a toddler: a bit bedraggled, unkempt and apologizing much of the time, because they spend their energy worrying about people and things outside themselves - as well as praying away rain that causes slow foot traffic, Amazon that’s easier and easier to choose over small business, and economic upheavals and pandemics. 

Admittedly, I want to do something more thoughtful than picking up a bottle of wine for a host - this hardworking, thoughtful human who, often, has been planning and running errands for days to put together a fun event. 

Let’s face it - a party is a generous and non-profit function leaving the host with an unrecognizable kitchen they’ll clean ‘till almost dawn, and a growling belly (no time to eat when hosting!).

So I’m committing to doing a much better job with party host gifts in the future. I’m stepping up my personal game and sharing with you my very favorite ways to love on a party-throwing human. I hope you find them helpful and inspiring - and, because we’re all busy, I promise each idea is easy to pull off!

These goodies are all available in our online shop (just click the links - and enjoy free shipping on orders $35+) and in our Dallas + Plano stores. 

ENTERTAINING ESSENTIALS are great host thank you options - truly something for everyone - including a host you haven’t yet met!

A cool bottle opener
To replace the one that inadvertently (and often!) breaks during the party. Hello, #lifesaver. Plus - great for both guys and gals!

Spirited cocktail napkins
Often put to use immediately because the host, in a party-planning rush, may have forgotten to buy them (note: humorous napkins will also make them laugh and forget the pre-party argument with their significant other - bonus!).

Durable, dashing wine glass markers 
Due to CV-19, these are now a social imperative and a nice accessory for helping ensure folks aren’t accidentally drinking from the glasses of others.

Well-made linen kitchen towels
These babies will feel extra fresh in a kitchen the day after a party, and are also plenty nice enough to use in a bathroom as a hand towel.

Hand sanitizer
Great to place on tables at an event - and the host will be able to toss a bottle into their daily tote bag or backpack after the party!

WELLNESS TREATS help the host blissfully recover from having created a great event

Bath bombs/balms + salt soaks
The perfect pampering, restorative goodies your friend will appreciate post-party.

Masks for eyes and face, lip treatments and more
Lack of sleep due to party planning and hosting can be hard on the skin. A dose of high-grade skincare can change the way the host looks (and feels) at brunch the next day!
Wonderful to pair with a gift - or send after the party as a thank you - a beautiful, often funny card says as much about you as it does your sincere gratitude for the host.

Participating in a Zoom-based get together? 
Send one of the above prezzies to the call’s host in advance of the event! We’ll wrap your gifts in gorgeous tissue and hand-write your note in the card - always at no charge. (We love being a part of the party. : )



Melinda Jones
Founder + Creative Director


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