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'heavenly' new hue-Read Between The Lines®

'heavenly' new hue

I remember when the expression ‘God, I Don’t Get This. But You’ve Got This.’ came to me - I was in the living room of my former home, and it was instantly a good feeling - the best expressions always have that wash of happiness that comes with them. It’s as if I can suddenly take a really deep breath, and then it’s like Christmas morning, when you’re a kid - in my heart.

We made ‘God, I Don’t Get This' into an art print at Read Between The Lines®, and then a greeting card.
After all these years, when it’s purchased in any form, I’m still BEYOND delighted, because not only are hope and compassion on their way to someone, but the recipient will also be reminded of (or introduced) to the ultimate Comforter, and how capable He is in any situation - no matter how tragic, unexpected or derailing of our dreams.

I first learned about how He works in devastating times when my sweet dad died suddenly of a massive heart attack at the age of 57. I was 25, and just a few months away from my wedding to a guy I was crazy about. Our families had met for the first time two days before my dad passed. 

As a ‘Daddy’s girl,' the loss was a life-shattering experience for me. God carried me through on the arms of close friends, and tenderized my heart in the process, enlarging my ability to feel in general (I’d been pretty shut off emotionally up until that point), and giving me true empathy for those who have lost a parent.

It may sound weird, but since that time in 1997, I can almost always sense when I’m speaking with someone whose parent has died…and those who have experienced the same can detect it in me. It’s not a depressive mark on the spirit, exactly - more like a recognition you develop of the deep carving of a heart. A sensitivity.

This art print and card also represented the first time I had written publicly about my faith.

We’ve been honored to receive stories from customers who have given the art prints as gifts, and hung them in hospital rooms of those they love. Each brings me to grateful teary-eyes.

This spring, we happened to sell out of the original white 8” x 10” version of the art print.

I asked that the next printing utilize one of the new colored fine papers upon which we’re currently printing cards, and that the print be bigger overall. I wanted to ‘pump up the volume’ graphically, if you will, and Emily, our Creative Manager, had the great idea to use the 8” x 10” metal plate we already owned on a larger, 12” x 16” paper. Perfect!

Being able to reuse the original plate (saving it from a landfill!) and creating a new format entirely in doing so made my heart SO happy. : )

Now, we can’t wait to print more in this manner! : ) The new ‘white’ space (teal, in this case!) provides lots of yummy room for creativity and flexibility with frames and mats (you can use anywhere from a 12” x 16” [with or without mat] to a 16” x 20” [with mat] frame), and we are so jazzed by the possibilities!

Pictured here are examples of those three options. 

If you or someone you know is surviving a tough sea in life, I hope you’ll share this card or art print with them - or, if you’re in a pinch, just text them the expression. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Melinda Jones
Founder + Creative Director
Read Between The Lines®


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