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we got this.-Read Between The Lines®

we got this.

Most people I know want both economic stability and sensible, prudent behavior that will continue to thwart the spread of CV-19. Me, included.

We want to avoid massive and irrecoverable bankruptcies by businesses, and the suicides and unemployment-related depression that are currently at risk of leading to more deaths than have resulted from CV-19.

We want to do all we can to support this virus’ hasty retreat via frequent handwashing, social distancing, face masks in public venues, and, generally, thoughtfulness and patience by all as we figure this out together. 

Most of us have the same shared priorities. And that’s a beautiful thing! 
We must avoid watching too much ’news,’ which can result in polarizing fear and inaction, and, instead, find ways to bring joy and support both strangers and friends. If ever there was an era for random acts of kindness, this is IT! : )
It’s also the time to take good care of our own health and work avidly on our dreams, so we have a brighter future, and fulfill our purpose.

We need calm in the coming weeks, caring for ourselves and one another, and our faith in God’s ability to provide what we need each day.

Let’s work hard to create good and true stories for today’s children of a nation that pulled together and healed, rather than was pulled apart.


Melinda Jones
Founder + Creative Director


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