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we weren't meant to be so busy.-Read Between The Lines®

we weren't meant to be so busy.

I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast the other day, and she spoke about the importance of being still on the INSIDE - that if we'll focus on that, we’ll never wear out, no matter how busy we are on the OUTSIDE. I loved that. 😊⁠

Whether you’re running errands, working on your dream, or spending a day at the park, it’s important to check your insides. How are you FEELING, rather than ‘doing’? That can be a scary place to go - sitting with feelings and letting them out to breathe.

It’s so much easier to numb-out on social media, or stay upset by frequently checking the news (remember - media companies only make money when you watch, and thus, unfortunately, have a real financial stake in your anger and worry). I was previously a media buyer, and can promise you, this is the truth.

Consider turning off all the sounds and pictures, and hanging out with your awesome self. Let ideas come up. Your own destiny can only appear when you allow it.

Silence that phone and put it in another room, so you won’t be tempted to grab it/check it, and enjoy some well-deserved stillness, friends. 🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️⁠

God waits for us in the silence, ready with what we need for the challenges we face. His answers are sometimes surprising. He’s never loud or pushy, so you’ll want to have the volume of your life turned down so you can hear everything when He shows up. 🙌 

No matter your faith, stillness is a powerful place to come from in making the decisions of our lives, as well as when it’s time to get some rest. 💤 

Our new ‘be still’ mug is a helpful reminder of your right to and need for internal quiet. I like to think of it joining you for morning coffee, or afternoon tea.

We weren’t meant to be so busy. Peace to you. 😘


Melinda Jones
Founder + Creative Director


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