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When You Gonna Start That Book?-Read Between The Lines®

When You Gonna Start That Book?

It’s never been easier than it is today to publish a book you have on your heart. Publishers large AND small now command respect in the marketplace, and have best-sellers in their stables, often from first-time authors. Amazon will also publish and sell your story, both digitally and in print! 

So what keeps you from writing and submitting? Usually, if you’re like me, it’s just general fear of making crap and everyone laughing, or of not having enough time to do a good job of it. In general, a fear of letting yourself down.

How about if you took the lid off your idea, and wrote anyway? What if you embraced the words that sound terrible and awkward with the same enthusiasm as the ones that make you beam or give you little happy chills? 

Picture yourself on the beach, about 20 feet from the water, building a sandcastle with a three year-old. What words would you give them as they create? Would it be, “You knowww, the tide will rise, and your entire plan will be washed away in a few hours,” or “Hey - did you really think that through, that wonky canal you have there?” 

NO. You would be cheering the smallest victories, the collapsing towers and the joy on their face. Anything even resembling a castle or moat would be Academy Award-level hoop-and-holler time. And when the waves crashed in and on what they built, you would hug them, cheer their accomplishment, tell them it’s ok, and build again with them, even bigger and badder.

Life and writing are sand, not stone. Enjoy. Don’t worry about perfect. Write until you find a stopping point, and send your idea to a publisher, with a sample. See what they say. You deserve to see the ocean and not fear the waves.


- Melinda


  • Posted by Cupcake Barbie on

    This is lovely. You have an exquisite way with words ♥️

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