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You Know.

The best decisions are ones you don’t feel the need to explain to others after you’ve made them, or rationalize to yourself a thousand ways when you’re alone. When I was engaged in college, I wasn’t sure the guy was right for me, and yet doubted my doubts as he was handsome, well-liked and intelligent. He would walk into a room and light up the place with a smile and easy charm. I saw a counselor for advice, and he told me I’d know I’d made the right decision when I felt a peace after making it. And the good doctor was right.

I’ll never forget sitting in my car, immediately after ending the engagement, feeling a peace so true that I beamed, instead of crying. My friends thought I’d be heartbroken by the relationship’s end, and, instead, they found me incredibly calm. We were all surprised, honestly, and that experience was a gift, a lesson.

As an adult, I've found clarity comes easiest when I get out of town, rest up, pray some honest words and spend time with friends and family who know and love me, flaws and all. The answer or the next path bubbles to the top once I remove the layers of busy-ness, comparison and fatigue.

Have a decision to make? Find rest. Find your people and spend time with them. Get ideas, sure - but then get out of your head and your phone. Lose your desire to know what others are doing in your own field or life stage, and do what you find interesting and needed, instead. It’s a great path to freedom and a life you treasure, instead of measure.


- Melinda

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