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Mushroom Letterpress Print

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Says Archie: Why are mushrooms so much more mysterious-seeming than other living things? Is it the vast networks of Mycelium that produce random outcroppings of fungus at seemingly random and instant intervals? Is it because every mushroom contains and average of 16 billion spores? Is it the fact that they seem to "Bloom" in wild glory, seemingly overnight? Did they come from outer space? How could I possibly answer these questions? 

  • Letterpress printed
  • 100% cotton Crane's Lettra® paper - it's the (really) good stuff
  • Size: 8" x 8"

So Why All The Circles?
Archie's Press maps aim to install a 'Map from the Mind,' simplifying structures and neighborhoods in the most efficient and beautiful way. The circle, our universe's softest shape, is the clearest graphic to convey size and connection.

Why We Love Archie's Press
Archie Archambault is a Brooklyn-based designer and inventor who started making maps because no one else explained cities simply and clearly. His maps are collectable, made to last and wonderful to work into gallery walls.

Mushroom Letterpress Print by Archie's Press