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Happy Place Inspiring Aromatherapy Eye Gel 5-Pack

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Buckle up - your senses are about to go on a joy ride. Made with an uplifting aroma of rose, these tea-infused eye gels deliver so much more than antioxidants. The rose aromatherapy in these tea-infused eye gels will brighten under eyes and boost your mood in ten minutes flat. Thanks to antioxidant-rich hibiscus, skin-softening coconut extract, and skin-conditioning lotus flower, your senses will be singing in no time.

  • Contains 5 Moodpatch Happy Place Inspiring Aromatherapy Eye Gels
  • Made with rose, hibiscus, coconut extract and lotus flower

Get to Know The Maker: Patchology

"Beauty at the speed of you". The Patchology team holds this idea with every product they craft. Once a team developing patch technology for the medical field, the company has expanded over a decade later to create personal skincare products that keep up with your busy schedule, whether you’ve only got 5 minutes, or you’re ready to slow down and have a little fun. Whatever your speed, Patchology products will not only fulfill their promise but fit your life.

Moodpatch Happy Place Inspiring Aromatherapy Eye Gel 5-Pack by Patchology

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