Hinoki Fantôme, Broken Rosary, and De Nîmes Votive Set

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A mini holiday. The seasonal trio contains...

BROKEN ROSARY: cedar, rose, cardamom, moss, cinnamon leaf and orris

DE NÎMESalmond, rhubarb, violet, ambergris, blueberry and juniper 

HINOKI FANTÔME: resin, hinoki, cardamom, jasmine, moss and guiac 

THE RITUALS COLLECTION—'Tis a season to surrender to holiday magic and nature’s infinite wisdom.  This year is a time to create new traditions—trade in your twinkling lights and boughs of holly for mystic manifestations and spirited candles that turn this holiday into a ritual for self-realization.  Embrace tradition, but make it your own, with this reflective and sublime collection.

  • Three 3 ounce votives, 9 ounces total
  • 16 hour burn time each
  • Each votive measure 2.7 inches tall
  • Comes in embossed matte ombre carton sleeve and embossed matte black tray 
  • Matte, multicolored glass tumblers
  • Braided cotton wicks
  • Proudly hand poured in Los Angeles, CA

Get To Know the Maker: Boy Smells

Boy Smells are the creations of David Kien and Matthew Herman. Hand poured in Los Angeles, each scent has been developed to have its own unique expression, with notes plucked from a personal catalog of memories then evolved and re-expressed in a modern context.

Hinoki Fantôme, Broken Rosary, and De Nîmes Votive Set by Boy Smells

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