• Abrahams Men’s Wallet by Easy, Tiger

Abrahams Men's Wallet by Easy, Tiger

No penny is left behind with this wallet - we’re all about dollars and sense.  

  • Size: 3.125” x 4.125”
  • 6 card slots
  • Bright blue leather interior
  • Includes giftable box

Abrahams Men’s Wallet by Easy, Tiger

Get To Know The Maker: Easy, Tiger

"We started with vending machines. Old, gross ones, to be specific. We saved a few from the scrap heap, resurrected them by hand, and used them to deliver our first cards to coffee shops around Kansas City. (We still do that, in fact.) But Easy, Tiger turned into so much more. Now we're not just about cards: Easy, Tiger is about fun. The kind of fun they write books about. Then burn. You can find us in an old warehouse in Kansas City, MO, that we've filled with stuff we love - like taxidermy, a Pachinko machine, and trophies. Lots and lots of trophies.”