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Tantrum Cologne De Parfum

  • $98

TANTRUM is a scent that shatters expectations. Winner of Allure's 2021 Best of Beauty Awards, explosive green notes of peppercorn, mint, bergamot, and galbanum are infused with splintering textures of cedarwood, orris, and vetiver creating a fragrance that is not afraid to be heard

Embrace the full spectrum of your identity and scent accordingly. Boy Smells’ Genderful Fine Fragrances celebrate your complexities by mixing traditionally masculine and feminine scent notes together.  Cleanly formulated, using master perfumery techniques these perfumes are made for modern identities that defy definitions.

Scents: bergamot mint leaf green peppercorn, galbanum, orris, mate, tagete, sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, virginia ambrox

  • 2.2 oz
  • 80% ALC/20% perfume load
  • Vegan and clean formulated
  • Glass bottle with tinted black perspex topper 
  • Packaged in embossed pink matte carton 
  • Proudly hand poured in Los Angeles, CA

Get To Know the Maker: Boy Smells

Boy Smells are the creations of David Kien and Matthew Herman. Hand poured in Los Angeles, each scent has been developed to have its own unique expression, with notes plucked from a personal catalog of memories then evolved and re-expressed in a modern context.

Tantrum Cologne De Parfum by Boy Smells

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