• Dahlia Marbles Soap by Mistral

Dahlia Marbles Soap by Mistral


A stylish gift for the soap connoisseur with modern tastes. A bouquet of opulent white gardenia, dahlia and fresh jasmine blooms.

  • Organic shea butter and olive oil
  • Gentle and moisturizing for dry, sensitive skin
  • French milled soap for long lasting use
  • All vegetable French soap

Dahlia Marbles Soap by Mistral

Get to Know the Maker: Mistral

Matthew Tilker traveled to Provence as a young, long-haired philosopher and became enchanted by the beauty and traditions of southern France. With a $1500 loan from his grandparents and a passion for French soaps, Tilker founded Mistral, providing finely crafted bath and body products that capture the heart and essence of Provence.