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Large Black Weekly Pad

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Designed to keep your weekly to-dos on track and clearly organized in front of you to tackle one at a time. Sits nicely on a desktop or on the kitchen counter to jot down to-dos as the day presents them. The week is laid out in unlined sections. 
  • Size: 8" x 10"
  • Warm grey text ink with gold foil details
  • Black book-cloth binding 50 tear-away pages together

Get to Know the Maker: Sugar Paper

It takes a unique kind of friendship to start a business together. Chelsea and Jamie have been friends since college, and founded Los Angeles based Sugar Paper in 2003. As they began tinkering with a vintage letterpress, and helping their friends put beautiful paper in the mail, more and more people inquired. So, more and more stationery was made. At a time when the world was steadfastly headed online, they took a risk, and stayed focused on building the business offline, making beautiful, tangible things by hand that would far outweigh anything in the digital space.

Large Black Weekly Pad by Sugar Paper