• Jewish Calendar Letterpress Print by Archie's Press

Jewish Calendar Letterpress Print by Archie's Press

  • $14.40
  • $24.00

Says Archie: My good friend Boaz Frankel and I designed this modern take on the Jewish Calendar. Each month of the calendar is matched to the secular month, so there's no excuse to forget to blow your Shofar during Elul.

  • Letterpress printed
  • 100% cotton Crane's Lettra® paper - it's the (really) good stuff
  • Size: 8" x 8"

Jewish Calendar Letterpress Print by Archie's Press

Get to Know the Maker: Archie Archambault 

Archie Archambault is a designer and inventor living between Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York. He started making maps several years ago because nobody else was explaining cities simply and clearly.

He studied Art and Philosophy at Colorado College, Urban Design at Harvard and Advertising at Wieden+Kennedy. We think he's the coolest.