blog welcome

Hiya! Welcome to the Read Between The Lines® blog! Tickled pink you're here. This company started a few years ago, as a little blog called Super Much Love. I wrote about love and small businesses. What's funny is those two things are still what get me going! 

The feedback I received from the blog gave me confidence in my voice. When expressions for cards and art prints started coming to me, rapid-fire, in 2013, Read Between The Lines was born. I don't think there would have been a Read Between The Lines without a Super Much Love.

If you remember Super Much Love, I thank you! 

This blog is a spot for you to rest, hopefully laugh and be inspired. You'll learn about our Team, what we're up to, into, and in love with, and meet some of our friends and fellow makers in the industry. 

Please leave comments on the posts you read - they are the life-blood of a blog writer, and I promise - we read each one! I want to know what you think of what you're reading, and hope you'll share what you've learned in life, too. You just never know who you'll help by doing so.

Mwah to you from Dallas, Texas!

- Melinda