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Blue Ridge Bar Soap

  • $20

Exfoliating triple-milled Bar Soap with fragrance notes of Sandalwood, Sage, and Amber.

Like the mountains, Blue Ridge is most striking not because of a single element, but rather the confluence of each of the fragrances combined. The result is an unforgettable fragrance that you will likely want to make your signature scent.

  • 8.8 oz
  • Naturally sourced essential oils and perfumers' ingredients
  • Offers gentle exfoliation
  • Made to last 2-3 monthes

Get To Know The Maker: Fulton & Roark

 Fulton & Roark pride themselves on making American Fine Fragrances, looking to new ingredients, formulation methods, and even formats to create something new.  While they respect the histories of traditional fragrance makers, they are out to do something uniquely their own. 

Blue Ridge Bar Soap by Fulton & Roark