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Boogie Till You Barf T-Shirt by Blackdays

  • black heavy cotton t-shirt with white lettering
  • washed and tumbled to achieve a worn look
  • available in infant, child and adult sizes
  • child and adult t-shirts are available in grey or black
  • we recommend sizing up if you're in between sizes

Boogie Till You Barf T-Shirt by Blackdays

      Get To Know the Maker: Blackdays

      We are Blackdays. This is what we do because this is what we have to do. 
      It started out with the need to have that one shirt that we could not get our hands on in any store. We got it printed by hand in our friends basement and made a few extra to sell. Then came the next shirt that we needed and so it has continued. Always creating products that we ourselves want and need, still by hand in our friends basement. Somewhere along the line we grew with the idea and now we aim to take Blackdays to next level. Still with heart and soul, still with everything that is us.

      We create with our roots in the love for motorcycles, especially choppers dating back to 60s, 70s California. But also with deep interest and comitment for traditional heritage clothing. To create lasting, timeless pieces of clothing and accessories is a drive. A drive that we can't ignore.

      Blackdays are Martin Jahnke and Apostolos Giouftsis in Malmö, Sweden and Anton Sandqvist in Stockholm, Sweden.