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Brazilian Santos Coffee Chocolate

  • $10.00

The coffee blended with the Colombian Aruaca cacao comes from the Santos region of Southern Brazil. The coffee is dried within the coffee cherry, which deeply infuses the beans with a rich, fruity flavor that pairs especially well with the stone-fruit sweetness of the chocolate.

  • 70g of 67% bean-to-bar chocolate
  • Ingredients: Colombian aruaca cacao, organic cane sugar, and Brazilian Santos Coffee
  • Packaged in brightly-designed foil packet

Get to Know the Maker: Crow & Moss

On his normal commute home, Crow & Moss founder Mike Davies was suddenly struck by the desire to learn how to make craft chocolate. Over the next few months, he developed his initial set up in a familiar, small-business venue: his basement. Today, Crow & Moss has grown into a 2000 square foot factory in Petoskey, MI, creating artisan chocolates to share with chocolate lovers across the country. 

Brazilian Santos Coffee Chocolate by Crow & Moss