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The Burger Sampler Spice Pack

  • $24

Nuanced flavor and unfussy recipes. These burgers are unexpected cookout hits with deep, complex flavors that render condiments optional. This 4-card deck is insanely easy to shop for and even easier to eat. Pick your protein, grab a bun (or not, if that's your thing), and you're set. We included suggested garnishes for each burger, but they're truly optional - every 'burg can stand on its own two flavorful feet.

Recipe seasoning cards included: Lebanese Kafta Burger, Garlic Herb Butter Burger, Spicy Sichuan Burger, Burger Au Poivre. 

  • Recipe ingredients & instructions are accessible via QR code on the back of each card.
  • Made in United States

Why We Love Occo
Occo of Bridgeport, CT wanted to make the biggest impact from the smallest ingredients. With recyclable packaging and big flavors, they make trying new recipes easy as pie. 

The Burger Sampler Spice Pack by Occo