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Extravirgin Dark Madagascar Chocolate Bar

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The K+M Extravirgin Dark Madagascar alights on the palate with flavors of bright grapefruit, then evolves to reveal notes of rich caramel. Light acidity frames a clean finish and a silky mouthfeel. 

  • Net wt. 2.5 oz
  • Made in Napa, CA

Get to Know the Makers: K+M Extravirgin Chocolates

K+M Extravirgin Chocolates is the brainchild of culinary innovators Thomas Keller and Armando Manni. Keller is renowned for his culinary skills and exceptionally high standards, holding multiple three-Michelin star ratings to prove it. Armando Manni began his organic EVOO company Manni Oil in 2000, growing it into a global brand synonymous with quality and flavor.

Extravirgin Dark Madagascar Chocolate Bar by K+M Extravirgin Chocolates