• Golf Charmpad by Inclosed Letterpress Co.

Golf Charmpad by Inclosed Letterpress Co.



  • Size 4" x 4"charmpad
  • 50 tear off sheets
  • Gold foil stamped 
  • Proudly pressed in the Midwest

Golf Charmpad by Inclosed Letterpress Co. 

Get To Know the Maker: Inclosed Letterpress Co. 

Inclosed Letterpress Co. is a family-owned-and-operated design and letterpress shop in Omaha, Nebraska. The company began in 2006, when second generation printer, Lesley, decided to pursue her love of letterpress. 

The printers at Inclosed are advocates for keeping the craft of letterpress alive. They hand-feed quality paper into antique platen presses, one at a time, making each piece unique.