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Honduras Wampusirpi Chocolate

  • $10.00

The beans for this bar come from a remote part of north-eastern Honduras, accessible only by two day's journey via canoe. While not certified organic, the beans are grown according to traditional farming practices without the use of any chemicals. Directly traded through Biosphere, the farmers received premiums well above market minimums (nearly double) and only the very best beans were accepted.

The chocolate is earthy and deep with a malty, almost mocha-like finish. 
  • 70g of 70% bean-to-bar chocolate
  • Tasting notes: honey, banana, toasted walnut
  • Packaged in brightly-designed foil packet

Get to Know the Maker: Crow & Moss

On his normal commute home, Crow & Moss founder Mike Davies was suddenly struck by the desire to learn how to make craft chocolate. Over the next few months, he developed his initial set up in a familiar, small-business venue: his basement. Today, Crow & Moss has grown into a 2000 square foot factory in Petoskey, MI, creating artisan chocolates to share with chocolate lovers across the country. 

Honduras Wampusirpi Chocolate by Crow & Moss