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Kiawah Formula 5 Oil

  • $32

Nutrient-rich, multi-purpose oil with notes of Ocean Air and Cedarwood, and Amber. This Formula 5 Oil is great for more than just your beard. In fact, it is also a fantastic pre-shave oil, a scalp moisturizer, a low-hold hair styling product, and a dry skin treatment. 

Inspired by the island off the coast of South Carolina famed for its fresh air, beautiful beaches, and fascinating history, Kiawah is the perfect fragrance for every season.The resulting fragrance is both assertive and understated, seemingly growing more complex as you wear it.

  • 1 fl oz/30 ml

Get To Know The Maker: Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark pride themselves on making American Fine Fragrances, looking to new ingredients, formulation methods, and even formats to create something new.  While they respect the histories of traditional fragrance makers, they are out to do something uniquely their own.  

Kiawah Formula 5 Oil by Fulton & Roark