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Mojito Nail Polish

  • $16

Mojito: A vibrant green with yellow undertones. This high quality nail polish is very easy to apply, dries quickly and has a beautiful long-lasting finish!

The majority of nail polish sold in pharmacies and supermarkets contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful. In addition, although this information is often silenced, many nail polishes contain ingredients from animals. 

To provide a kinder option, BKIND's nail polishes are vegan, 77% plant-based and 21-FREE, meaning they are free from 21 toxic ingredients normally found in nail polishes.

  • Non toxic (21-free)
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in Canada

      Get To Know The Maker: BKIND

      Montreal makers created BKIND to promote the benefits of natural products while making them more accessible. Respect is the foundation of their philosophy: the respect of the body, the mind, the environment and animals, all of these things are very important to us. 

      Mojito Nail Polish by BKIND