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Paris Wanderlust Wood + Felt Play Set

  • $34.00

Wanderlust is a beautifully designed handcrafted wood and felt-themed playset. Complete with the monuments and magnificent architectures of its' iconic city.

  • Includes 14 block pieces
  • Chalkboard painted interior designed for creating a landscape backdrop
  • Wooden Storage Laser-Engraved Box (11" x 7" x 2")
  • Company based in Dallas, TX

Get To Know The Maker: Once Kids

A soulful, design-oriented, playful, and sustainable children's toy company. We build environmentally-friendly toys that help kids strengthen their sense of wonder and creativity! We believe in believing. Believing in creating products that align with a cause that will positively impact future generations. We are building a toy company that all of us can believe in. Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Environmentally-friendly. 

Paris Wanderlust Wood + Felt Play Set by Once Kids