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  • Pencils for the lazy by Ohh Deer

Pencils For The Lazy by Ohh Deer

Embrace your inner sloth with these pencils for the lazy! 

  • Designed by Gemma Correll for Ohh Deer
  • 6 pencils with erasers
  • Pencils embossed with gold lettering
  • Pack includes 6 different designs 

Pencils For The Lazy by Ohh Deer

Get to Know the Maker: Ohh Deer

Launched in November 2011, Ohh Deer began as a collaborative effort between former architect Jamie Mitchell, creative partner Mark Callaby and several illustrators the pair admired via Twitter. Ohh Deer now collaborates with 35 illustrators who span several countries. Ohh Deer loves illustration and believes that where some forms of art can be alienating and socially awkward, illustration steps in like the popular brother and breaks the ice. Ohh Deer aims to bring you quirky illustrated gifts, clothing and everything in between.

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