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Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand Mask

  • $10.00
Excuse us, but are you a hand model? That’s what everyone will be asking after adding this self-warming and softening hand mask to your routine. We put our hands through the wringer, so it’s only right that we start treating them to a little R&R.
  • Open sachet, unfold gloves and apply to clean dry hands. Seal around wrists with attached sticker and relax for 10 minutes or longer if desired.
  • Contains one mask

Get to Know The Maker: Patchology

"Beauty at the speed of you". The Patchology team holds this idea with every product they craft. Once a team developing patch technology for the medical field, the company has expanded over a decade later to create personal skincare products that keep up with your busy schedule, whether you’ve only got 5 minutes, or you’re ready to slow down and have a little fun. Whatever your speed, Patchology products will not only fulfill their promise but fit your life.

Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand Mask by Patchology