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Scatter Dot Thank You Boxed Set

  • $32.00
  • 4.25" X 5.5" blank cards
  • Six flat cards
  • Black ink letterpressed on white paper with white envelope and dalmatian dot liner
  • Printed in the USA

Get to Know the Maker: Sugar Paper

It takes a unique kind of friendship to start a business together. Chelsea and Jamie have been friends since college, and founded Los Angeles based Sugar Paper in 2003. As they began tinkering with a vintage letterpress, and helping their friends put beautiful paper in the mail, more and more people inquired. So, more and more stationery was made. At a time when the world was steadfastly headed online, they took a risk, and stayed focused on building the business offline, making beautiful, tangible things by hand that would far outweigh anything in the digital space.

Scatter Dot Thank You Boxed Set by Sugar Paper