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Shingle and Stone: Thomas Kligerman Houses

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Elegantly luxurious presentation of the residential work of Thomas Kligerman, an architect renowned for skillful integration of contemporary flair into traditional designs. 

Kligerman designs only single-family houses, and his clients have beautiful sites in the Hamptons and throughout New England with a few on the West Coast and in Texas. He is deeply steeped in the history of European and American domestic architecture and wonders whether there is (or can be) an American house paradigm. He grew up in Connecticut and New Mexico so the two strands that he draws on most art the solid adobe forms of Puebloan style and the lighter, more open shingle style.

He also considers West Coast architects like Bernard Maybeck and English arts and crafts designers like Vosey and Lutyens. Rather than looking at single, specific precedents and adapting them for contemporary life, Kligerman tries to incorporate multiple strands to come up with something new 'to move the needle forward' as he says.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Published by Phaidon Press

Shingle and Stone: Thomas Kilgerman Houses by Thomas Kligerman