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Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • $18

Before you say “EVOO isn’t for cooking,” read this: Thanks to the super stable Picual olive, Sizzle was born for the heat. It’s still 100% extra-virgin, but made with mid-harvest olives that give it a more mellow flavor.

Grown and processed from native Picual olives in Jaen, Spain. Harvested in November and December, when the olives are more mature. They’re pretty laid back by this point, so it only takes a few shakes to get them off the branch.

  • 750 mL
  • Bottle is 100% recylcable
  • Olives are sourced from farms using organic farming practices

Get To Know The Maker: Graza

Co-founders Andrew and Allen wanted to bring good, fresh olive oil that is affordable enough to use everyday. Graza shares their love for cooking, as well as their firm belief that everything tastes better with olive oil. 

Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Graza