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The Buzzfeed News Pencil Set

  • $16

Never find yourself without a pencil when inspiration strikes. This newsworthy set of 12 mini Reporter's Pencils come packaged in a sturdy reusable vessel—perfect for tossing in your bag or displaying on your desktop. These pocket-sized 3" pencils arrive sharpened, and feature a red eraser and black & white details. Best yet, they're emblazoned with catchy headlines that lend a bit of charm to your every word.

  • 12 sharpened No. 2 pencils 
  • 3" pocket-sized
  • Made in the USA 

Get To Know The Maker: Appointed

Practical, beautiful and handcrafted of the finest materials, Appointed goods are designed to elevate the work experience. Located in Washington, D.C., Appointed was founded by graphic designer, Suann Song, who believes a beautiful work environment fosters creativity, productivity and overall well-being. Each product is created with this philosophy in mind — while keeping design, functionality and craftsmanship their highest priority. Appointed is an American-made brand of thoughtfully designed desktop products that make utility look luxurious.

The Buzzfeed News Pencil Set by Appointed